Five Top Rated Manufacturing Companies

For some it may be that these are the companies that have shown the greatest promise, for others they are quite simply one of the better places to work. Whatever your criteria for choosing a workplace, these manufacturing companies have continued to show up on Fortune 500 lists.


They are also the kind of environments that many workers prefer when it comes to finding a work home in the manufacturing field. From engineers who design the best swivel seal for refineries to M&M color sorters at Mars, these are the companies rated highest by their own employees.

Hilcorp – Oil and Gas Production

It must have been a good year for the folks at this top-rated oil and gas production company, despite the woes in the industry. For the second year running they have given out big bonuses, and not just to the top dogs in the corner offices.

Headquartered in Houston Texas, the company once again gave out a little over $100,000 in bonuses to the run of the mill workers. Many employees name it as the best company they have ever worked for because everyone pulls their weight and cares about the company and its end product.

Tactical Electronics

This Oklahoma based company has expanded to three other locations and continues to grow. The employees love working here because the atmosphere is one that encourages creativity and a strong sense of play in the workplace. With the company’s strong connection to the video game industry this should come as no real surprise.


You wouldn’t normally consider a company that manufacturers medical equipment to be named as a great place to work. But this Michigan headquartered company has strong employee loyalty and everywhere there is a feeling of providing a product that can make a difference in a person’s life.

This strong connection between what you are working to provide and the end of result of that product for improving the health of someone you have never met gives many workers a sense of pride in their work and the company.

JM Family Enterprises

Anyone who takes a walk through one of the 26 locations for this third party automotive manufacturing company will see right away that it sees all of its employees as part of one big family. It doesn’t matter if you are chatting with workers in the company sponsored cafeteria or checking out one of the many on-site gyms that help reduce stress. For every employee, the feeling that they are part of a family is not just in the name, it is also in the experience of working here.

American Transmission

Everyone in this key Wisconsin founded company feels a strong bond to their fellow employees and to the end product no matter what kind of engine it drives. From transmissions for huge electrical power plants to the smallest urban car, they take pride in a job well done.

With the whole team involved from top to bottom on every innovation and redesign, this is one company that is truly a business that everyone contributes to. It adds to the feeling they are an important contributor to the final product.

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