How to Go on Vacation This Winter Without Breaking the Bank

Vacation This Winter

Slowly but surely the summer temperatures on fading away and it is starting to get awfully cold in many parts of the country. It is about this time of year that everyone starts to think about their next getaway in search of warmer weather. Some of the top vacation destinations for this winter include Cuba, the Greek Islands, and the Bahamas. Depending on your style of vacationing, these destinations can be terribly expensive and seem off limits to some of us with smaller wallets. I have traveled quite a bit in my life and have to say that I have gotten pretty good about doing everything on a budget, sometimes even a strict budget. If you are hoping to take a vacation this winter but don’t think you have the funds to make it worth it, then keep reading for some tips on how you can go on vacation without breaking the bank.

Use an Agency or Website

One of the most common ways to find deals and discounts is to use travel agencies or websites like Apple Vacations. These types of companies always have the best rates and are often offering coupons for increased discounts. They are the first to know about the best deals because it is their job to keep up to date on travel sales and other offers that will allow you to create the perfect travel package and still stick to a budget.

Visit Friends or Family

I cannot tell you how many times I have found some amazing flight deals and almost booked a spontaneous trip before finding out how much hotels and accommodations cost and realizing that it would still be too expensive. Get around the costly fees for minimal accommodations by planning your vacation around people who are able to host you. Take this time to visit your great aunt in Florida, or you cousin in California, because chances are they would be thrilled to put you up for the night and even more excited to see you.

Explore House or Pet Sitting Options

Until I started traveling full time, I had never really considering house or pet sitting. I had heard of it before, and had stayed at my former bosses house a few times a year to take care of his dog, but it was not something I imagined could help me travel the world and significantly reduce my expenses. There are hundreds of different communities out there between Facebook groups and dedicated websites, you can find house sitting opportunities more and more these day, and occasionally, they are even paid. It is rare, but if you can get yourself one of the paid gigs, count yourself as pretty lucky.

Use Ride Share Options

Sometimes when I am traveling I like to visit areas outside of the main city. It can be costly to go with a tour group or rent a car, and I don’t always trust the public transit depending on where I am at the time. However, I have found that most countries have some sort of ride share company set up it the major metropolitan areas, and you can often find trips to go explore outside of the city

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