When working in construction there are a great many things to take into consideration like for example what kind of material will be used for each aspect of the construction process from the structural frame building to any last minute aesthetic thing you might want and everything in between. Recently one of the concerns most world conscious people are having is how can my project gain more LEED points/. How can I make sure that my building or general construction work is on par with the leading ecofriendly construction projects out there today?  One easy way to do that is by insulating your building and or construction site using some of our SmartCi insulation technology. This way you can have a better insulated frame and at the same time have a more environmentally conscious building.


At this point you may wondering what I’m talking about when I’m talking about SmartCi. Well it’s a new construction insulator that was developed in order to address the dated quality of other insulators as well as improve on other aspects of previously used insulators. SmartCi was designed with assembly in mind as all of its parts were designed to better assemble and add LEED points. SmartCi doesn’t have thermal short fasteners, there are no condensation spots within to be create for water to get trapped in, and its universal attachment design was crafted with it being able to fasten itself to a wide range of cladding. Its long use makes the SmartCi a long term investment in your building that will not need to be replaced any time soon. SmartCi will not only reduce cost in both your heating and cooling, but it’s also compliant with ASHRAE 90.1-2013 and ASHRAE 160-2009 code. So when I tell you that your building will make the world better by using SmartCi this is why I’m saying that. Something this good can’t just be passed up.

So now that you know what SmartCi is now you know why using this insulating paneling is good for you and the environment but also because in using this instead of other masonic methods you will also be saving time and preparation. Mixing the materials such as concrete or stucco will take several lengths of time longer than the paneling as you would have to apply the concrete or spray stucco laying down brick can take weeks. This will increase cost in man power machinery and as per mentioned the most valuable commodity of all time. I mention this because in the long term your masonic alternative due to the nature of the material will need constant maintenance to remove outside pollutants or even unwanted guests like molds and mosses which would not be able to grow in metal paneling. But with paneling you will not have to do much of any of that instead you will be able to place the panels themselves right on the surface and fasten them in place or for a more polished look you can install channels for a cleaner look. So use SmartCi it’ll do you good and the environment.

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