Stell tube suppliers in Houston

When I first moved into this house I always wanted to add an extra room on the side maybe a nice botanical garden to keep myself busy. I could grow some flowers in there and keep a few ornamental shrubs nothing too fancy mind you just something to occupy my evenings with and still feel like I’m bringing up life. When I finally set out on the task of constructing my new botanical attaché to my home I quickly decided on using steel tubing from Houston for the framework of my botanical garden.


Soon I discovered that though there are many steel tubing manufacturers in Houston there was only one logical place to buy from and that was with the folks over at, Texas iron and metal their customer service really is unparalleled the kindness, haste and accuracy with which I was greeted upon calling was truly remarkable. The selection of steel tubing products was also something to behold as they had everything I needed, their selection included square and rectangular tubing in both the carbon and galvanized variety, they came in different cuts and thicknesses ranging from half an inch per side to 16 inches per side for the square steel tubes, and from one and a half inches by one inch to twelve inches by eight inches. After careful selection I discovered which would be best for the framework construction of my botanical garden.

After finding with what from who I was going to make this botanical garden I set out to have its architecture setup the folks over at Texas iron and metal helped me by having all of my pieces cut to size for me you have no idea how much time and money that saved me. Let’s not forget to mention the fact that because I had such a hefty order all of shipping costs were waived. If you’re not in the Houston area don’t worry because Texas iron and metal delivers outside of Houston as well although the free shipping only applies to Houston orders that exceed four hundred dollars.

Using the steel tubing I got from the folks at Texas iron and metal I was able to build most of my botanical garden using the rectangular tubes I constructed a frame that was later paneled to have windows from floor to ceiling after cutting and bending some cylindrical tubing I fashioned an indoor irrigation system. The cutting and bending of tubing is a very complicated process that requires both a lot of practice to do and a significant number of tools that are not readily available these jobs I left to be done by a local pipe bending service where they obviously had all of the necessary tools and dyes for the job.

In the time since making my botanical garden with steel tubing bought from the Texas iron and metal shop here in Houston I have started growing many things in my garden including a patch of roses some sunflowers and I have quite the collection of Quartz rose verbenas thanks for helping me out Texas iron and metal.

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