The Top Three Reasons Roofs Fail

Let’s face it, living in a house where the roof leaks must rate as one of the top bad experiences most people can have. The truth is it doesn’t even have to be a bad leak for the experience to put you over the edge. A simple thing like having to run for a bucket every time it rains can leave you ragged, emotional and ready to scream. So why do we put up with it? Well, since most roof jobs are expensive, take forever to get through and cause a heck of a mess you will have to clean up it isn’t that surprising.

But for most of us, because we don’t understand just why our roof has turned into a sieve, we try to ignore it until the next time it rains. Then, of course, we wish we had taken care of it while the sun was shining. But if we knew and understood what causes our roof to leak, would it help us make that decision in a timelier manner? Maybe. Here are the top four causes you are running for that bucket right now.

Broken Shingles

This is probably the easiest problem to spot. You simply need to take a good long look at your roof when it is a nice sunny day and see if you can spot the missing roof shingles. They were probably torn off in that last big storm, the one with the high winds. You might have even heard them go, but didn’t realize that it was the cause of the leak later on. If you happen to live in Killeen Texas, then you can find some great Killeen roofing specialists who can be up there in a jiffy to tack on a few shingles and fix the problem.

Cracked Flashing

No, it doesn’t mean that you have reached menopause and it doesn’t mean your house has suddenly developed a sense of humor. Flashing, for those of you who don’t spend every Saturday watching old episodes of This Old House, are what sit under your shingles to create a barrier to water. They are made of thin strips of metal and when they get old they begin to crack. Actually, what cracks is the tar used to seal the strips together, and that is a good thing. It means that you can call up your local roofing company and simply get them to re-tar the flashing on your roof. This is a much cheaper solution then getting a new roof, believe me.

The Damn Ice Has Dammed

Ice has a tricky way of getting in everything, and unfortunately that includes your roof. Ice dams are a problem in areas where the weather shifts frequently. The sheets of ice form at the edges of roofs, backing up the water that collects behind it when the snow on your roof wants to melt and go elsewhere. Roof rakes are a great tool for breaking these suckers up and letting that water flow off your roof and stop causing havoc.

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