Three Great Garage Organization Hacks

Why is it that the garage is always the one place where things seem to accumulate almost as if they had legs of their own and walked there? I know that in my garage there are several years’ worth of projects I started but didn’t finish, furniture that was too good to throw away but not good enough to use and of course at least a year’s worth of recycling I keep meaning to take down to the recycle center.


I even had to get the garage door service Houston recommends most to come out and make sure I could open my door, it was so full. It was embarrassing to say the least, but it got me to get organized and start clearing stuff out. That was when I started paying attention to all those great organization hacks I see online and using them. Here are a few that I found really work and come in so handy at keeping me organized now that the worst of the crap has been tossed.

Pegboard Tool Organizer

I grew up with an organized Dad who drew outlines of his tools on the pegboard over his workbench so that the kids knew exactly where to replace that tool. That was fine for him, but somehow, I have far too many hand tools to all fit on that one pegboard above my workbench in the garage.

Instead I have taken five “pages” of pegboard cut down to around two by three feet and hinged them together like a book. This is the perfect place to put those smaller hand tools and grab them quickly. It also leaves plenty of room on the big pegboard for the bigger tools.

Quick Extension Organizer

We always seem to have a big box of extension cords, waiting to be untangled before anyone can use them. When it comes to the really long orange outdoor cords, this can take some time. But we found a really cool way to organize them and now I simply have a row of them waiting for me. Take one of those cheap brass coat hooks, attach it to the wall and then add a length of chain.

The chain hangs from the bottom hook, hang the coiled extension cords and then close the chain up on the upper hook. You can make a whole row of these and have whatever extension cord you need whenever you need it. Cheap and easy to do, even for me.

Pallet Organizing Tool

Everyone has fallen in love with using pallets for everything from coffee tables to backyard decks these days. But one of the coolest reuses of old wooden pallets I have ever seen is for garden tools. This is for shovels, rakes and other tall handled tools.

All you do is stand that pallet up on its side and attach to the garage wall. Make sure that you have the slotted side out, so that the tools can be propped inside through the opening between the crossbars. Instant tool organizer!


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