Three Killer Water Features to Make Your Garden an Oasis

Water features can transform a garden. It doesn’t really matter if you have a tiny handkerchief of a garden that barely registers or a huge corner backyard lot. When it comes to finding new ways to make your garden the true hideaway you have always dreamed about, water features can have a huge impact on the emotional context of a garden.


While setting up the plumbing for some types of features can be time consuming, that isn’t true for everything. Here are three ideas for a water feature that are relatively easy to add, are quick to do and will give a sense of peace to that bit of green you treasure so much.

Fish Ponds

Watching koi gently travel across a pond is a form of meditation that most of us can embrace. But just thinking about adding a fish pond is enough to make many backyard enthusiasts run screaming for the hills. It doesn’t have to be so though.

You can get an easy kit from your local Home Hardware store that will include the plastic liner, the pump and everything you need to know about setting up your own fish pond right there in your own backyard. Now all you will need to do is find a way to keep the neighborhood raccoons from pouching all the fish at night.


For most of us when we say we are adding in a water feature, fountains are what comes to mind first. But what kind of fountain do you want? While the stand alone type of water fountain most of us think about are a lot of work to install, wall fountains [FC] are actually quite simple to install.

Because the wall fountain is attached to the outside wall of a house, the plumbing for it can actually come from the house or nearby outdoor faucet. By choosing the placement to make the water connection easy to create, this is one kind of fountain that can be installed quickly.


If you have running water in any part of your backyard, or a pond that is already created, then a water feature in the form of a waterfall is a beautiful addition. This type of water feature lends itself to those houses where the backyard has a slope or is in several levels.

Simply adding a pond above and below, with paving stones between to direct the flow of water, can be beautiful. Any kind of running water feature can be turned into a waterfall with a bit of work and some elevation in the land.

Water Features Add Harmony

From koi ponds that can hypnotise with their serenity to waterfalls that add a form of white noise to our yards, water features continue to add an elegant note to any scene. Many landscapers will design an entire yard around a single water feature, planting to show off the beauty of it.

Whether you choose to add the still water grace of a pond or the rushing energy of a fountain or waterfall, the time and effort that it takes to add a water feature to a back or front yard is always paid back in pleasure.


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